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Life Works


Find that your life just doesn’t quite work...?

Are you stuck in a rut?

Crowded by loneliness?

Being consumed by negativity?

Perhaps continually being bossed around and unappreciated?


That can all change with Life Works!


For just $15 you can participate in this life-altering session


Or, take part in our special offer – 2 tickets for $20


Registrations now open


The session will be held on Saturday the 27th of February


To register call Sharon on 0427 008 567


Or send a registration request 



What is Life Works?

Life Works impacts upon all fields of your life.

Whether you’re struggling with finances, weight loss, negative emotions, lacking purpose or the drive to take action, Life Works is your key to success!


In a mere 3 hours you’ll undergo a simple, yet effective, transformation. By focusing on your personal situation and learning to unearth the past experiences that have shaped your lifestyle, you will be equipped with methods to match your circumstance and ensure you overcome.


To live a life free from plaguing problems – to live a fulfilling, easier life – take part in Life Works


Your life is worth infinitely more than $15.

It’s worth changing.


I’ve been struggling with my weight. And, with Life Works I’ve lost about 10 kilos – by taking action! So thank you.


The Life course has helped me financially 



I feel very comfortable, constructive and strongly feel that this course is doable


It has helped me so much to better my life

  • time management

  • feel great

  • achieving goals


[Before I started Life Works] I was controlled by negative emotions


The biggest lesson I learnt was that you can change


Life Works has helped me in every way. You’ll never be the same!



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