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Request Received


Thank you for starting your transformational journey with our resources!


The following link will connect you to the dropbox file where you can view and download the free resource 'Achievement Monitor':


Just a few handy tips about the resource:


  • In order to view and use the file in the correct format, make sure you select to download it

  • When opening the file it will likely produce a pop-up menu which states 'This workbook contains macros'. Please select 'Enable Macros' - this will ensure all links are operational. (If you disable macros all buttons, automatic information and data transference will cease to function) 

  • Alternatively the file may automatically open in a 'read only' or 'protected view' format, in this case please select 'Enable Editing' and the following option 'Enable Content', for the same reasons mentioned previously. 



If you have any issues or queries regarding this resource, feel free to contact us at


Additionally, if you have any feedback we would appreciate if you could post it on our Facebook page:



Wishing you all the best as you make use of this resource,

Elize Hattin Support Team


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